Chair-based Chats

Chair-based chats (CBC) has been launched to encourage physical activity and movement amongst those residents in Blackrod who may currently be experiencing social isolation and reduced physical activity levels due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

Whilst there are lots of fantastic online fitness resources a lot of older do not have access to the internet and even if they do, they may not feel able to use them.

Residents who are isolating may have reduced their activity levels and therefore this may have affected their physical and mental wellbeing.


What is CBC?

CBC is a simple idea – isolated residents of Blackrod are matched-up with a trained telephone friend who phones them for a chat once a week and also does some gentle exercises with them.

The CBC programme has been designed by Ben our Health and Wellbeing Coordinator who is a qualified personal trainer – Ben has made all the exercises super simple!

The emphasis remains on a friendly chat rather than a bootcamp style workout!


How are the exercises done?

The exercises are done from a seated position, Ben will provide the ‘friend’ with a script to read – and that is it!

The exercises are seated so to avoid any risk of falling – the main aim to keep all the major joints and muscles moving.


Who is suitable for this service?

The person must be over 60 years old and be at risk of reduced mobility due to being housebound.

Who are the CBC volunteers?

All our volunteers are friendly, DBS checked and receive training from Ben.


How much does CBC cost?

It’s free!


Interested? Have a family member or know someone else who might benefit?  Contact Ben our Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator on 07783 796 003 or email